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Coolest Baby Chicken Costume

Our daughter had the cutest baby chicken costume ever! I took an onesie and put it inside a one piece turtle neck. I sewed the two garments to each other at the arm holes, leg holes and neck hole. I put lots of batting between the two garments and snapped the crotches closed.

I then took white feather boas and stitched them all over the body. I took a little white cap and sewed a little red stuffed strip of fabric. I used yellow pants. I filled the fingers of two yellow latex gloves and placed them over the shoes. Cute, cute!

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3 thoughts on “Coolest Baby Chicken Costume”

  1. You mean Martha is the only person who could come up with this? Please! There are a million Marthas all over America! You just have to have ingenuity and an open mind.

    Precious costume by the way!


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