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Coolest Homemade Cannibal Chicken Costume

This Homemade Cannibal Chicken Costume is quite simply a chicken who likes to eat chicken. A cannibal chicken! The Lector mask with the rubber chicken nose attached to it, KFC bucket,(for the Halloween candy), and the chicken leg in hand give it that extra special touch.

To make this costume, you need a solid color sweatshirt preferably in the same color as your feathered boas. Attach feathered boas with needle and thread. Go to the store and pick up a rubber chicken nose, Hannibal Lector mask, and striped tights.

Glue the rubber chicken nose to the mask, grab a KFC bucket, keep one chicken leg to carry around and get ready for the laughs as they figure out your costume! My other son wore this costume last year to a trick or treat event in downtown Pensacola, he only got to trick or treat three stores because so many people stopped him to ask for his picture.

I think you can tell Halloween is my favorite time of the year, it is so fun to conjure up unique costumes each year. Happy Halloween to you!

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