For Woody, I found a yellow shirt at Goodwill for $3.00 and drew red lines on it to make it look flannel. I cut up an old white t-shirt I had laying around and colored in “cow spots.” I actually had a lot of fun doing this because I could make it look just how I wanted! I used one of my dad’s old red bandannas and a pair of cut off jean shorts. I found the cowboy hat, gun, and spurrs at the dollar store all for $2.00 total. Then I made a name tag out of construction paper.

For Buzz, my friend used a white shirt and sewed a part of a lime green t-shirt on top. She used different colored tapes for the buttons. We found child Buzz Lightyear wings at Spirit Halloween for $9.99. She wore some green shorts she already owned!

My boyfriend needed something too, so we made him Andy. I made him a name tag in the shape of the bottom of Woody’s boot and wrote Andy on it and he wore a blue shirt.

We had so much fun going out in our costumes! Everyone complimented our creativity.