I love dressing up as strong gothic characters and I love both underworld and terminator films.

The Selene outfit was first created by buying a full body dance leotard and a cheap gothic corset along with black wig and blue contacts. I created fangs by filing down some fake plastic nails and sticking them on with denture grip.

Terminator was created using old clothes ripped up. We then used liquod latex to make the appearance of melted flesh and then painted it silver and red. A red contact lens could be used in one eye for bigger impact!

Everyone knew exactly who we were and we won a prize of a bag of cheesy puffs for our costumes. I loved both these costumes and movie related outfits are my favourite

The total cost of our costumes combined was only £50

It took about 1 hour to create the looks and about 1 week to source all the components.