Optical Illusion Costume

Monster Abduction Costume

My daughter wanted to be anything that would include a person holding her! So I began to think. We had a scream costume from years past. Firstly, for her, she wore a top to a pajama outfit. the legs I made them from PVC pipe, stuffing pantyhose and slipped her pajama bottoms over it. To … Read more

Coolest Monster Abduction Costume

Homemade Monster Abduction Costume

This is my daughter dressed as a monster carrying a baby. I used a box as the costume frame. I cut holes in the box for her arms and head. On the back of the box I duck taped a graphite shaft from a golf club (after sawing off the club head). I used cardboard … Read more

Coolest Skeleton Kidnapper Halloween Costume

Skeleton Kidnapper Halloween Costume

My son and I looked at your website for costume ideas. He liked the Headless costumes and that’s what we were initially going to make. Once we started to make the skeleton kidnapper Halloween costume, we realized he would not have use of his hands so we decided to go for a Skeleton kidnapping him. … Read more

Coolest Homemade Dracula Love Child Costume

Homemade Dracula Love Child Costume

First of all, I’m cheap. The less I spend making a costume the better. On this Dracula Love Child Costume, I spent a whopping $0.50 for a ring pop and that was it. Optical illusion type costumes are always amusing to me, so that was my premise. I usually start by searching through the left … Read more

Coolest Alien Abduction Costume

Homemade  Alien Abduction Costume

This is our version of the Alien abduction costume. We used a backpack to hold up the alien head, and a long black robe to cover him. The footie jammies were cut in the back so the top was on my son and bottoms were stuffed with cotton batting. I also shortened the legs of … Read more

Coolest Kidnapped By A Cyclops Costume

Kidnapped by a Cyclops costume

My husband and I were going to a Halloween party and I wanted to make a costume that would stand out so I came up with this kidnapped by a Cyclops costume. I made the Cyclops head out of paper Mache and attached the head to an old backpack. I made the legs out of … Read more

Coolest Kidnapped by a Skeleton Costume

Homemade Kidnapped by a Skeleton Costume

This costume was made for my son this year (08) so we could enter him into the local Halloween costume contest. Turns out he won 1st place in the scariest category. I had kids and adults asking me who else was in the costume. Little kids were tugging onto his hands and trying to see … Read more

Coolest Alien Abduction Halloween Costume

Homemade Alien Abduction Halloween Costume

This costume consists of a backpack with a cardboard frame inside that supports the head. The head is made of paper mache over a balloon painted green with black eyes cut out of construction paper. We used black fabric to cover the head and backpack and create a cloak effect. The backpack is hidden under … Read more

Coolest Homemade Scarecrow Stalker Optical Illusion Costume

Homemade Scarecrow Stalker Optical Illusion Costume

This Homemade Scarecrow Stalker Optical Illusion Costume was the brainchild of my husband, and myself. We were not really sure with our current budget how we could purchase our children Halloween costumes this year. So we decided to make them. I had the thought earlier in the month, however, we did not start attempting to … Read more

Cool Optical Illusion Halloween Costume

Homemade Bogeyman Under the Bed Halloween Costume

For the back of the costume which is the monster, I made the torso out of Styrofoam. The mask head has a plastic milk jug for stability. The head is attached to the Styrofoam by long thin nail from the rubber mask stuck into the Styrofoam. There is a slit cut midway from the black … Read more

Coolest Homemade Demon Attack Halloween Costume

Homemade Demon Attack Halloween Costume

My son wanted to be a skeleton and we wanted to make it. We found the skeleton attack on line and thought it was very cool. My 7 yr. old son couldn’t find a skeleton mask his sister wasn’t afraid of and then he found the demon mask. We used a backpack with PVC pipe … Read more