Coolest Alien Abduction Halloween Costume

This costume consists of a backpack with a cardboard frame inside that supports the head. The head is made of paper mache over a balloon painted green with black eyes cut out of construction paper. We used black fabric to cover the head and backpack and create a cloak effect. The backpack is hidden under an Earth Day shirt that is cut up the back (hence the Free Range Human sign).

The legs of the alien are her legs and the ones in the front that look like hers are made from an old pair of jeans and shoes sewn together and held to the body with a belt and suspenders. The alien hands are dishwashing gloves painted the same green as the head.

Most people who saw us walking around asked if it was two people under the costume and because of this we got extra candy all evening. Some even went so far as to argue with us about it and wanted to make sure there was not an extra person under the cloak.

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