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Coolest Homemade Demon Attack Halloween Costume

My son wanted to be a skeleton and we wanted to make it. We found the skeleton attack on line and thought it was very cool. My 7 yr. old son couldn’t find a skeleton mask his sister wasn’t afraid of and then he found the demon mask.

We used a backpack with PVC pipe held in place with plastic ties. I taped a milk jug to the PVC pipe and put on mask. (I also put a battery operated light that lit up the milk jug and mask. We then stuffed the pack with fiber fill.

We cut a pool noodle and made shoulder and slid it on the PVC pipe. Then we put on a black turtle neck and stuffed that as well so it looks like someones back. We put a black cloak over my son and the “body.” I cut the cloak down for my son (waist up). We then cut the back of one of his old sleeper pj’s and stuffed the legs and used small noodles to make it look more realistic.

We had a great time making this Homemade Demon Attack Halloween Costume. The kids in his first grade class loved it and so did all the parents when they had the parade at school today. Our town had their downtown store trick or treating today and adults were trying to figure out if it was one or two people in the costume. Many people gave him two pieces of candy for a great costume. I don’t know how we are going to beat this one next year. At least, we still have Halloween night to enjoy it.

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