Coolest Kidnapped by a Skeleton Costume

This costume was made for my son this year (08) so we could enter him into the local Halloween costume contest. Turns out he won 1st place in the scariest category. I had kids and adults asking me who else was in the costume. Little kids were tugging onto his hands and trying to see who was walking behind him. It was great.

I made this costume in the same manner that all the other ones on this site were made with a few exceptions. Here is what we did differently.

I bought a wig head from the local beauty supply place. ($1.98) I put the mask on this. It already had a hole in the bottom of it so my husband fashioned a PVC body that looked like a “T”. I then put the long black robe onto it and glued plastic eyeballs on the mask so they looked like they were bulging out. the hardest part was keeping the skeleton from falling over. We taped bags stuffed with other plastic bags to the arms of the PVC to give it some bulk. I then stuffed nylons and attached them to the PVC arms with tape. After that I attached the hands to the nylons with pins. I pinned the hands to my sons jammie top.

If I had it to do over again I would have put wire into the jammie legs so they stuck out more and didn’t lay flat on the robe. The rest I pretty much did like the other costumes did. It was a lot of work, but well worth it.