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Awesome Homemade Half Him Half Her Costumes

Take a look at these cool Half Him Half Her costumes. They are the ultimate ensemble for the indecisive DIY costume maker. And as one woman here wrote, “If you know how to cut things in half and sew, then this is the costume for you”.

Another awesome tip is how to construct Half Him Half Her costumes. Instead of cutting two garments in half, only cut one in half and then sew it onto a complete garment. For instance, take one whole shirt and cut a second one in half. Sew the half onto the whole shirt.  This works really well because it’s much easier to wear and sew. Indeed, another homemade costume maker here was left with a gap in between shirts when she cut off too much.

In addition, take the coolest profile photos from this homemade bisected costume.

So check out the coolest Half Him Half Her costumes for your DIY costume inspiration this Halloween.