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Coolest Homemade Dr. Phil and Oprah Costume

This Homemade Dr. Phil and Oprah Costume was inspired from an idea when my daughter was 9 years old and was entering a parade that was to feature her Hero’s so I designed a costume for her that was half Princess Diana and half Martin Luther King, so I thought this would make a real cool costume with my favorite TV personalities, Dr Phil and Oprah!

The clothes were purchased at thrift stores, cut in half and sewn together. I cut my own hair and pasted the pieces on half of a bald cap for Dr. Phil, then cut a wig in half for Oprah’s side.

The process of putting on the make-up took over 2 hours to completely finish, I did not have any help from anyone, except for borrowing a sewing machine from a friend to sew the pieces together. I really had a lot of fun making this costume and hope you enjoy it as well!

Halloween is my favorite time of the year!

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