Coolest Homemade Half Man Half Woman Halloween Costume

Last night we went to dance at our favorite dance club, and I won a first price with this Homemade Half Man Half Woman Halloween Costume.

I spend lot of time to make it, but is really original. I cut trousers in half, that I got from the thrift store and sewed it a half skirt. I took a man’s wig and sewed it with blond hair. Shop and glued on one bushy eyebrow and half a beard.

Put on my normal make up on one side and ruffed up the man side of the face. Men’s jewelry on one side and ladies on the other, and I put on a fancy glove. Painted finger and toe nails on one side.

I had high heels on one foot and some disco size heel/men’s half boot on the other. This Homemade Half Man Half Woman Costume was fun to make!