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Coolest Homemade Halloween Costume

I have been perfecting this he/she homemade Halloween costume for about 6 years and I’m on my 4th version on it. This is my most comfortable version yet.

Before I was trying to wear two outfits together down the middle, in this one – half of the outfit is whole under the other side (the female top was whole to keep the close share and where the male side can be more baggy; and I cut the pants into shorts under the skirt to keep it easy to put on and off and comfortable to wear).

The hair is half a wig attached to a baseball cap. The facial hair and side burns were just brown face paint and eye liner, two different colors to give it a more realistic look. Next year I’m looking to make a he/she coat for the cool/cold Halloween nights in Texas.

He/She Homemade Halloween Costume

He/She Homemade Halloween Costume

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