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Coolest Homemade She Man Halloween Costume

I dressed up as a Homemade She Man Halloween Costume. Literally, half of me on one complete side of my body was male and the other half was female (front and back). I have never gotten so many double takes and comments in my life! I even had people who didn’t know me ask to take pictures of me! I truly looked and felt like a circus freak but the response I received was worth it.

On the female side I had full makeup with red lipstick, wig, jewelry, sparkly shirt, skirt, and a dressy heel. On the male side, I had a mustache/goatee/beard, with baseball cap turned backwards, and my husband’s clothes on pinned up to fit me. Half of each article of clothing was meticulously pinned together to create the ideal symmetric look. Half of a wig was sewn on to a baseball cap with half the bill cut off. If I turn to one side, I looked male and turning the opposite direction I looked female.

I loved flirting with my husband from the male side to tease him! My friends, family, and complete strangers loved it!

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