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15+ Awesome Homemade Tin Man Costumes for Halloween

Silver, shiny and in need of a heart, the Tin Man is a beloved classic character. This collection of DIY Tin Man costumes highlights all the different ways you can bring him to life this Halloween.

Create a homemade single costume or join a group of Dorothy and her friends to make a stow-stopping presentation. Can’t decide which Wizard of Oz character to dress up as? Split yourself in half like one of the costumes here and go as a half tin man and half scarecrow.

The Tin Women costumes are also tons of fun. Change it up by wearing a sparkly silver dress with your tin cap.

In addition, there is an awesome toddler wearing a costume made from dryer vents that is ridiculously adorable.

So grab some metallic face paint and check out the awesome tips and tricks to create your best homemade costume this Halloween.