Cool Homemade Tin Man Costume

For the body of this homemade Tin Man costume I used a cardboard envelope (used for shipping), hot glued embroidery rings (cut in half) on the inside of the costume to make it more structurally sound. I then glued fabric to the entire outside and made sleeves out of the fabric.

I created a clock out of scrap-booking materials (cardstock and sticky letters) and added brads for a for finished look. Then spray painted it with metallic silver spray paint to give it a more shiny look. I then spray painted a plastic funnel with the same silver paint as the body and glued elastic to the funnel so it would stay put.

For the legs, I used gray paints spray painted and attached cardboard covered with material for a more “tin man” appearance. My daughter was the talk of the town this Halloween! She was very happy with her homemade Tin Man costume and so was I! Very easy to make and looks fantastic!!

Homemade Tin Man Costume

Homemade Tin Man Costume

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