Easy Wizard of Oz Tin Woman Costume

The Wizard of Oz movie has always been a favorite of mine and I didn’t want to do the typical Dorothy costume so I went with the Tinman because I mean, c’mon its a man made out of TIN!! This costume actually turned out easier than I thought and the reactions to detail were the best part.

The accessories to this custom you can find on amazon. I specifically wanted the heart to be exactly the same which, with a little bit of searching I was able to find and the prices were pretty low! You will definitely want to get your self some metallic silver almost chrome spray paint. You can also purchase the funnel and axe on amazon as well for cheap and then spray them to make them have a shinier look. I also added a little red heart felt sticker to the funnel hat. 

The biggest part was the outfit, I wanted to make it girly so I used an old dress that I had just sitting in my closet. I would only advice using a dress that’s material is kinda thick and bonus if its already kinda metallic looking. (I posted a photo of the gold dress I used) I used the same spray paint and sprayed the dress completely for it to be Silver and viola. You have a tinman dress costume. I clipped the heart clock onto my dress strap, I also used little velcro strips to attach the funnel hat to a  headband, put on some red lipstick and personally chose to wear my red converse since I was going to be on my feet all night to match the red in my costume.

For the Makeup, I actually bought a silver eyeshadow. I put foundation on first, then kinda blended some of the eyeshadow and the fun part is you can go all out or you can make it somewhat subtle. I’ve never done face paint for a costume and liked that it wasn’t the thick halloween face paint. I did the same by adding just a little bit of the silver eyeshadow to my chest. I also used black eyeliner to create a little heart at the end of my nose and Boom, it was a hit.

I really loved this tin woman costume and had fun creating it and dressing up in it.

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