Original Homemade Tin Man Costume

This Tin Man costume was made for my office Halloween party. My group decided to do the theme of The Wizard of Oz. I wanted to be the Tin Man since he is the coolest-looking character from the movie.

I made the entire costume out of posterboard (except for the funnel and ax). I spray-painted all of the pieces silver then touched up afterwards with an oil mixture of black and yellow ochre to create some rust. I then attached all of the pieces with metal brads. The costume had to be functional so the brads really helped the joints move with ease.

The final part was the top of the body which was made with foam board. It was wrapped with the main body piece then t-pinned together. About 25 hours and 5 cans of silver spray paint later, I had a working Tin Man costume. It was very challenging but I was very pleased with the final result.

So, with that said, please enjoy my take on the Tin Man.

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10 thoughts on “Original Homemade Tin Man Costume”

  1. My department is going as Wizard of Oz this year. I elected to be the tin man. I have been brainstorming for the most cost-effective way to make it. I saw your image a few times on this site and overlooked your article. Never knew that was cardboard, looks exactly like weathered tin. NICE work. Thanks for the picture for reference.

  2. Can you give any more specifics? I need this type of costume for a play we are putting on to raise money for charity. The costumes you buy are really poor.


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