Coolest Homemade Ace Frehley from KISS Costume

Homemade Ace Frehley from KISS Costume 28

My son’s wanted to be KISS members. For Ace, I found a girl’s stretchy black shirt and leggings, which I studded with rhinestones. I sewed some belts out of silver quilted batting that I ordered from a fabric company on-line. I also made leg warmers to look like the boots were actually taller. The arm … Read more

Original Gene Simmons Homemade Halloween Costume

Homemade Gene Simmons Halloween Costume

This is a Homemade Gene Simmons Halloween Costume. The armor is made from a Goodwill set of football shoulder pads and some old plastic buckets. The codpiece and bat wings were made from vinyl and ripstop nylon, respectively, and the codpiece is studded with quilter’s thumbtacks. The leg scales are stiff felt and hot glue … Read more

Cool KISS Costume

Homemade KISS Costume

I hand made this KISS costume using approx. 9 yards of vinyl, some platform boots, and a bunch of metal studs. I use Ben Nye make-up, and bought a middle priced wig that I tape on. I have worn this costume for a couple of Halloween’s, with great response from people, and have taken tons … Read more

Cool DIY Gene Simmons Costume

Coolest Gene Simmons Costume 61

I had lots of fun with this Gene Simmons Costume. I work in Seasonal Dept in Big Box store, so it makes dressing up for Halloween even better!! I purchased pants, had my top bought material to make bat-wings, used silver tape and cutout all of the studs for my pants, boot tops etc., and … Read more

Coolest Homemade Gene Simmons Rock God Costume

Homemade Gene Simmons Rock God Costume

My 8 year old son knew he wanted to dress up as Gene Simmons for at least 6 months before Halloween. We looked at various Kiss stage costumes and came up with this homemade Gene Simmons Rock God costume. We took his old hockey chest pads and covered then in silver tape. I then hand … Read more

Coolest Homemade Kiss Family Halloween Costume

Homemade Kiss Family Halloween Costume

I got this homemade Kiss family Halloween costume idea from this website and talked my four kids into being Kiss for Halloween. I started by purchasing a plain black shirt and leggings for each kid at Target. Then I went to JoAnne Fabric and purchased 2 yards of silver shimmery fabric. I used all two … Read more

Cool Homemade KISS Group Costumes

Homemade KISS Group Costumes

This year my friends and I dressed up as the band KISS. We bought lots of faux leather and silver material as well as many studs. We used a lot of super glue and hot glue. Everything on the Homemade KISS Group Costumes were made by hand including Spaceman’s shoulder pads. After adding the face … Read more

Coolest Ace Frehley Costume

Homemade Ace Frehley Costume

I have been a faithful member of the KISS Army since 1976, when my older brother brought home the Destroyer album. I’ve always wanted to make a KISS outfit for Halloween but was hung up on the hardest part. The boots! They are either too pricey or labor intensive. This year I decided to give … Read more

Original Homemade KISS Group Costume

Homemade KISS Group Costume

My friends and I came up with a Homemade KISS Group Costume. My friend had done the same in high school but we added more flair. We all wore tights with some type of platform shoes or boots along with wigs. Paul Stanley: Sewn arm bands, boa, face paint with a glitter belt. Gene Simmons: … Read more

Coolest Homemade Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley Couple Costume

Homemade Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley Couple Costume

Never too old to be KISS! Gene- Started with black tights and tank top. Used silver car sun shades for shoulder pads and belt with lots of hot glue. Had boot toppers from prior pirate costume. Used the same sun shade material to accent the boots. Also used lots of bright metal tape. Made wings … Read more

Coolest Homemade Gene, Paul and Ace from KISS Kids Costume

Homemade Gene, Paul and Ace from KISS  Kids Costume

Here are our homemade Gene, Paul and Ace from KISS costumes for Kids. My kids won contests in our hometown and in a Radio Disney contest in our capital with hundreds of contestants. Here’s what I did for this Homemade Gene, Paul and Ace from KISS Kids Costume: Gene – I took a belt and … Read more

Coolest Homemade Demon Costume

Homemade Demon Costume

My son wanted to be Gene Simmons from Kiss so here it is. We had bought the wig and ski mask. We spray painted old football shoulder pads as well as a jock strap black which was so funny to see. Then we of course had to bejewel all of these items. We also used … Read more