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Coolest Duct Tape Kiss Costumes

Kiss fans unite!

We used Silver and black duct tape and a whole lot of cardboard to make these Duct Tape Kiss Costumes. Black spray paint and glue. We even did platform boots, we cut off the foam heels of platform sandals and added them to pairs of boots.

In order to create Ace’s outfote we twisted clear packing tape into snake like things and then covered it with silver duct tape, we then tied them onto black spray painted cardboard,. Completed it with make-up a long sleeve silvery shirt and silk pants tucked into the boots.

Genes look we rather easy, more cardboard but this time we put silver duct tape over it and use a box cutting knife to achieve a chain mail look.
Same idea with all of the cuff links. Completed with make up, we used same concept for Peter Criss and Paul Stanely.

Rock on! Most of the ideas were from different eras and took a lot of time! Wish I could of gotten more detailed pictures.

We then completed this look with a manager, who unfortunately looked like a Ninja. (My friend went trick or treating with us and was dressed as a Ninja).

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