Coolest Homemade Kiss Group Halloween Costume Idea

Love the rock band KISS, wanted our costumes this year to be over the top and I think we did it. It took a lot of time and effort by definitely worth it.

We all worked as a team on this Homemade Kiss Group Halloween Costume, each had a different task. The most challenging was the boots. We needed to be very creative, that’s where my husband took over. He took a trip to Home Depot were he found insulation that was in the crap bin, traced the bottom of the boot cut out to the shape of the boot, wrapped in duct tape and attached with rodent trap glue.

What really brought everything together was the makeup. My 13 year old daughter drew our faces free hand, she is amazing. It took 2 ½ hours to fully complete each of us.

We were such a hit; people would not stop taking our picture.

I would do it all over again, such fun.