Coolest Love Gun from KISS Costume

This Love Gun from KISS costume is actually a couple of years old. It started very basic and as time went on became more and more authentic.

The main costume is made of fake leather with real studs and chains. The wings also are made from fake leather and studs. The tights were sewn by our lead guitarist wife as were the wings. The boots are normal boots with 2×4 platforms screwed to the soles. Over top of the shoes I molded the dragon faces using paper mache.

Once I was happy with the look the boots were covered in 2 coats of fiberglass. I then painted by hand the eyes and stuff.

4 thoughts on “Coolest Love Gun from KISS Costume”

  1. Dang that looks good, mostly the vest (I’m looking for the flat silver faceted studs), working on the boots, glued up pieces of pine, cut out the heel, attached an old pair of shoes with 5-1 1/4″ screws. Got a black long wrestling singlet (similar to “Undertaker”‘s w/o the design on thighs), got a “Demon” wig.

  2. I know a guy looking to purchase a Love Gun costume, he plays in a tribute band (almost KISS).

    Would you consider selling or making a costume for sale? What would you charge, and is it strong enough to survive 100’s of live shows?

    please contact me at:


    thank you for your time

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