Coolest Homemade Gene Simmons Dynasty Unmasked Costume

This Homemade Gene Simmons Dynasty Unmasked Costume I constructed just in time for Halloween ’09. It’s basically made up of materials I found at Canadian Tire, Reno Depot and Village des Valeurs.

The boots were made from an old pair of 3.5 inch platform boots to which I added an extra 4 inches using cork boards which I recommend because it’s much lighter than wood blocks. For the chest armor I used old hockey padding I got from a friend. For the overall rock-like gargoyle skin texture on the I used insulation foam in a can then covered it with adhesive aluminum foil tape and sprayed it lightly with black paint. The belt, cod-piece and the upper part of the boots were made from car dashboard reflector covers. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to make the red satin cape.

The face was done with black and white cream make-up and for the hair I used a “rock star” wig.

This took me about a week to complete and about 40 dollars for the materials. The secret is to use materials that require minimal or no drying time which means lots of duct tape.