Cool Homemade Gene Simmons Costume

I had started this Homemade Gene Simmons Costume as a joke with black duct tape and silver painted googly eyes for studs, back in February. After the party, I decided to create the real thing with leather and studs. I used two sheets of vinyl fabric, many 8”X12” foam sheets, dozens of pop rivets, and lots of hot glue to make my creation come to life.

After finding a cheap plastic armor chest piece that I cut into shape, the costume really took off. Of course, it’s no where near any of Gene’s actual costumes, but it made me extremely popular at a Halloween party I attended, last week. It’s a fun, sturdy, comfortable costume, which garnered many positive compliments. I love this time of year!

2 thoughts on “Cool Homemade Gene Simmons Costume”

  1. dude this is awesome!! i and 3 friends are going to a Halloween costume at the end of the month and i have drawn the gene Simmons straw so to speak, uve given me a few great ideas, never thought of getting some plastic body armour!! the boots are causing me a headache right now.

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