Coolest KISS Group Costume

We most definitely made history this year!

Every year since 2004 our office has dressed up. This one particular year we went with the KISS theme. It was a great time, and the only difficult part was trying to get the makeup to look right!

The costumes were very simple to make… we all owned a pair of black pants and a black shirt

For “Paul” I glued stars onto his pants and then glued silver material to the collar of his jacket.

For “Ace” I used quilt batting and silver material cut three strips and just sewed lines about an inch apart. The silver cuff just had elastic on both ends and went over the shirt.

For “Peter” I just lined the vest (where the zipper was) with silver material.

For “Gene” (this is me) I made wings out of black material and painted the silver lines on them I also made a silver shirt that went over my black shirt. It was almost like a vest… sort of!

I got all the ideas from pictures either on their albums or the internet.

I ended up purchasing about 2 yards of silver material and 2 yards of black, and a 1/2 yard of quilt batting.

We have since then done Wizard of Oz, Three blind mice and this year the Three Musketeers… I have to say that KISS has yet to be topped. The Wizard of Oz was the closest!

Halloween is the best and homemade costumes are the way to go! Thank you for letting us share our ideas! Happy Halloween!