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Baby Doc and Dad Marty Costumes from Back to the Future

Our 9-month-old son, Marty McFly, and I, Doc Brown, embarked on an unforgettable Halloween adventure inspired by my all-time favorite movie, Back to the Future. As a lifelong DeLorean enthusiast, I had always dreamed of owning one, and with the arrival of our first child, the time was ripe to make that dream a reality – albeit in miniature for Marty.

Building the Delorean Time Machine: A Labor of Love

Several months ago, I set out to construct a remote-controlled DeLorean time machine complete with dazzling lights, smoke-emitting burners, and groovy tunes. The quest for the necessary parts proved challenging, but the ultimate hurdle was harnessing the elusive 1.21 gigawatts of power required for time travel. After countless hours of tinkering and perseverance, the machine was ready for its maiden voyage on Halloween night.

A Halloween Adventure Through Time

With Marty securely seated in the driver’s seat, we navigated the neighborhood streets, turning heads and eliciting excitement from fellow trick-or-treaters. Our journey took an unexpected turn when we encountered a dinosaur, a clear indication that we had ventured too far back in time. To avoid disrupting the space-time continuum, we promptly steered the DeLorean back to the present day – 2023 – where a mountain of Halloween candy awaited us.

A Cherished Memory and a Promise of More Adventures

Our Halloween escapade as Doc Brown and Marty McFly stands as a testament to the power of creativity, family bonding, and the enduring magic of Back to the Future. We’ve already peeked into the future and discovered that next year’s costume adventure promises to be even more thrilling. Stay tuned!

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