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Cutest Homemade Baby Cabbage Patch Doll Costume

The things we used for our baby Cabbage Patch doll costume were very minimal. One big box, 3 large yellow craft papers, green duct tape, a logo print out and some felt! You can purchase an already made wig but I just made mine as it is very simply for me. No pattern, just eyeballed it. First (after you cut your box to size) you will need to apply the yellow to your box, we used spray adhesive and it made things so much smoother! after you apply the yellow papers you then will need to use the duct tape for the edging. Cut out your printed off logo and use the spray adhesive again to attach it. Next I hand wrote the words on the front, I just added the ribbon cut out with her name to have a little more dimension. Lastly I hot glued the flowers on as a very last minute finishing touch (the flowers were left over from a different project).

Some of the things I went through (by the way, when I say “we” I’m referring to my boyfriend) were hang ups when crocheting the wig, my yarn would sometimes snag. Something else that was kind of difficult was even just being able to do it, my infant would need me for something so I’d have to put this project on pause. Oh! how could I forget, I had originally bought green paper instead of yellow and realized last minute and had to go back to the store to exchange the yellow for green which is very hard to do when you have to haul around an infant when it’s cold out. It was a good thing I went the day I did too, as the store had a sign on the front door that said “closed tomorrow due to looking for management.” Other than that, this was extremely fun to make.

The best part in making this baby Cabbage Patch doll costume for our infant’s first Halloween was I got to do it with my boyfriend and he was into it just like I was. I love him.

The funniest part about this whole experience is that our infant liked the wig! She would cry when we would take it off of her, she did thing kind of head shake to make the braids sway, she did so with her cute smile on her face. I love her.

Oh my! The reactions to our baby Cabbage Patch doll costume were the best part! The city I live in has a road that is considered “The Halloween Street” (I’ll try to include photo) and we’ve had many people take her photo, many people say “oh my gosh look at that!” and “ok you win! that is awe-some!”. Nearly every person we passed said something with a big smile on their face. We really enjoyed the joy and interest people expressed… Gives me the ambition to make something next year. We did not win a local contest as we did not enter her in one.

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