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Awesome Minecraft Costume for a Boy

My son, Felipe is a die-hard Minecraft fan. So this year, for all his great scores in school and hard work, I decided to make him his own personal Minecraft armor with sword and chest. It took about three weeks; had to redo the chest three times. I kept getting the measurements wrong. But finally got it right.

This is the Procedure for Making this Awesome Minecraft Costume for a Boy:

  • Everything was made using foam board,  card-stock (for perfect edges) a glue gun, zip ties (for holding arms to shoulder), a material ties for holding large boxes together (used for handle of chest and buckle for the helmet), a ruler for perfect lines and lots of acrylic paint.
  • I made the helmet and used a Tupperware bowl, glued it to the center of the helmet and attached the buckle.
  • Made his sword using two foam boards for a sturdy hold, then poster board for a smooth feel and card-stock for edges.
  • Then finally his chest was done so he could hold all his candy.

He was a hit. Everyone fell in love with his costume. Several asked for his photo. He felt like a star. With a smile, from ear to ear he said ” This is the best day of whole life!”

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