Everything except the wig was bought from a thrift store or from home. I made the robe using a bath robe from our Salvation army to which I added ribbons to the pockets and lace to the sleeves. The thread sash was made using old wooden spools to which I added threads of various colors and used a robe to string the spools together to create the sash. The pants were a pair of dressy capris I added colored yarn to in the shape of the thread designs on Johnny Depp’s costume. The socks were just some of my knees highs and the shoes just black ones from the Goodwill. For the hat I used one I had from home as the base and used goldish fabric to sew around the hat and then stuffed it with cotton to make it a top hat. I added some old hat pins and a peacock feather I had at home. For his face we just used regular Halloween makeup.

He looked amazing!