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Awesome Homemade Living Hand Sally Costume!

I have always wanted to create a costume that makes people do a double take. And this year was hands down my year!

I absolutely love The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Sally has always been my favorite character. I wanted to create a Sally costume that could bring some of that Tim Burton magic to life. So I set out to make an illusion arm element, that would look as though Sally had just grabbed her arm away from Dr. Finklestein, and it was alive, moving independently from her body. I knew this would be a challenge, but with a fake hand from Amazon, a little elbow grease, and a pinch of magic, it came to life.

I then made the stitched undergarments, using blue nylon and thick black yarn. I also made the dress from scraps of material. I was so excited with the finished product! Everyone in my neighborhood absolutely loved it! It made so many people smile. So it was worth all the needle pricks, late nights, and blue face paint. I also had to hide one of my arms behind my back all night to keep the illusion going! Worth it! I loved every minute.

Halloween is about that magical childlike feeling, and if we get the chance to feel it again as adults, even for a moment, it’s priceless. Happy Halloween!

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