This Sally costume was originally a thrown together, not quite last minute Halloween costume. I loved it so much though, that the next year I put more work into it. I reworked parts of the dress, which literally was pieces of clothing and scrap fabric haphazardly sewn together. I used a comfortable Tee that was beginning to look a little ragged and began sewing old button down shirts, scrap fabric, and part of a skirt to it. I used fabric paints and markers to get the patterns to match then went back over everything with black thread and hand stitched X’s on the seams.

Two pairs of white tights were dyed with food coloring and then once they were dried I used a fabric marker to make the stitching. I wore the tights on my arms just as sleeves, but wish I had left them connected, and that I had taken the time to stitch around my fingers to make them gloves instead of having my fingers showing.

I discovered the Wolfe Hydrocolor makeup worked wonders and after studying tons of different pictures of other Sally makeups, I combined some and made my own version. A long red wig, black and white striped socks and a pair of plain black boots finished off the look, and my Sally costume was a hit. I went downtown for the annual Halloween parade and was complimented constantly.

I’ve never had a costume that I’ve enjoyed as much as this Sally costume, that it’s hard to convince myself to be something else this year…