Awesome Homemade Batgirl Costume

I spent a long time in spotlight looking for the right material for this Batgirl costume. I wanted a leather feel for my cape, which I cut into the bat shape. I already had a leather dress which I sewed the bat symbol onto, and I even had made a yellow belt with the bat symbol on it

I had black leather leggings, black leather boots, and black gloves to accompany my outfit, which I ended up loosing… :-( But in my opinion it still looked great, and was a lot different than the other batgirl costumes that were sold at spotlight.

I bought a batmask which I also liked better then the one in the prepacked costume and I think it worked out a lot better. I was also featured in a cosplay dr article with my signature batgirl costume in the advertiser which is a well known newspaper and TV channel.

Awesome Homemade Batgirl Costume

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