Cool Homemade Batgirl Costume

The costume I made this year for Halloween was ‘The Amazing Homemade Batgirl Costume.’ I hand-stitched my Batgirl costume to make it look as amazing as it should be.

I dyed the base of my costume a greyish shade that is similar to the black, grey and yellow version of Batman. My inspiration was to look like Batman, but with a feminine touch.

With this costume, I can hide my secret identity & save my city from the bad guys. I love to fight crime & kick the ass of the forces of evil! I’m a normal student, loving girlfriend, citizen by day & crime fighter by night. When I need assistance, I call on Batman and Robin to help me. Thanks to Batman and Robin for their inspiration – without them I wouldn’t be the greatest crime fighter that I am today!

 Batgirl Costume

 Batgirl Costume

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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