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Awesome DIY Family Costume – Little Shop of Horrors

My family and I went as Little Shop of Horrors this year.  Each year we pick a movie or show from the late 80s/early 90s and I have been wanting do this one for a while now! Every year everyone is waiting to see our big reveal for our Family costumes, this year we were invited to come on our local news to do a story and segment on our costumes and reveal this years costumes on TV!  SO fun, everyone has LOVED them and we won best group Pop Culture costume in a big Halloween Festival we attend every year. 

Seymour’s sweater vest is actually two different sweaters I found at a thrift store and cut and made into one to look just like the one from the movie. We even taped his fingers with fake blood like the movie as well.

We made the dentist oxygen tank out of cardboard, 1 liters we spray painted and a few random parts around the house we spray painted and zip tied to the cardboard. 

Audrey 2 mask is made out of wire hangers, poster board, a pool noddle and paper mache. The covering for the open mouth is a dark purple sheer shirt cut from a thrift shop so she can see out, but no one can see in.  The teeth were made from foam tubing we had at the house, cut in half and painted.  The pot is a mesh laundry hamper with a pool noodle at the top, wrapped in a sheet I found at a thrift store all for less than $3 to make.  The leaves and vines are also from thrift shops.

All other clothes are from thrift shops.  I like to make my costumes on a budget, all costumes under $50. We have so much fun with this each year, it’s our 5th year doing it and we even end Halloween with a music dance video in our costumes every year! 

Already planning next years costumes, we are known as “That Halloween Family!”

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