Little Shop of Horrors Family Costume

Here’s our cool Little Shop of Horrors family costume.

The Dentist

I started with a barber-style jacket that also mimics old school dentist coats. It’s a white, short sleeve shirt with snaps on the shoulder and neck. It has a mock turtleneck. I topped that with a poly vinyl black barber’s apron. The mask is a CPAP mask with blood pressure pumps attached to the sides. It is finished with actual dental pliers!


Audrey’s dress is a black and white, polka dot, vintage 50s style dress complete with a hoop skirt underneath. The wig is a styled platinum girls’ bob wig. Blue eyeshadow completes it. (We decided a black eye and arm cast was taking it too far. ;) )


Seymour has a vintage, western style paisley shirt, a plaid bowtie, and a brown corduroy with fleece vest. These were all vintage and altered to fit. The glasses are 50s style costume glasses. Khaki pants, slicked pompadour hair, and blue chuck taylors finish this one.

Audrey II

This was the true challenge of the family costume! I started with construction foam. I glued several pieces together until it was 8″ thick, then carved them into two egg shapes. I then carved it with a dremel into the teeth and mouth shape of Audrey II. That was a very messy and time consuming process. Once it was all shaped, I sanded everything down to make it smooth, added a coating of plaster to smooth everything even more, then sanded again. I then painted it in acrylic and finished it with a clear coat.

The pot is made of upholstery foam with two pieces. A top piece to look like the rim, and the bottom piece to make up the main portion of the pot. These were both painted with burnt sienna spray paint.

Finally, I added vines sewn from green jersey and lightly stuffed and some plastic leaf vines!


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