I started thinking about what I should be for Halloween for a couple of months. I always wanted to be something more unique, but known and not just a sexy something. A lot of people dress up as Marilyn Monroe, but not as much as Audrey. I decided to wear a little black dress I already owned. I bought the following accessories from Icing:

  1. Elbow Length Evening Gloves $18.50
  2. Small Pearl Long Strand Necklace $12.50
  3. Tiny Rhinestone Tiara Hair Comb $12.50
  4. Roaring Twenties Bling Cigarette Holder $8.50

I spent a total of $50. I watched a YouTube video of how to pin your hair up like Audrey and it was very simple – I pinned it up with only a couple bobby pins and my hair is very thick!

The costume was a total hit! I went out downtown at my college and everyone recognized me right away. I loved it. Easiest unique costume ever.