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Cool Breakfast at Tiffanys Audrey Hepburn Costume

One of my favorite classic movies of all time is Breakfast at Tiffany’s! I have always found Audrey Hepburn to be a classic beauty with such grace and elegance! I think she is a true beauty. I bought tickets to a Celebrity Murder Mystery dinner this Halloween and was given Audrey Hepburn as my character. I have NEVER, EVER dressed up for Halloween as an adult before and was very nervous about the whole concept of an adult Halloween costume as I always felt it was JUST for KIDS :)  I already had the black long gown and went to a nearby costume shop where I found my iconic cigarette holder and fake cigarettes.  I also purchased long black gloves there as well.  I found a cute lilttle tiara that is actually for a girls princess outfit at another shop and it fit perfectly!  The earrings I found at a thrift store as I wanted large pearl clip-ons and they don’t really sell those anymore.

I had such a fun time at the Muder Mystery playing the part and had many votes for the best costume that night.  This was not a very difficult costome to wear and I enjoyed dressing up in costume for the 1st time ever in my 40s!

I realized you are never too old to play dress-up for Halloween!

~Love Audrey XOXOXO


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