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Cool Homemade Adult Genie Costume

I wanted to have an impactful yet fun costume and was thinking of the Genie on the flying carpet. That could be cool …but restrictive. I needed to dance! So saw this idea for an adult genie costume, but added my own design twists.

Materials for my Adult Genie Costume

Black Leggings

Quilt Batting (from a roll) enough to go around my waist and hange to the floor.

Styrofoam packing shapes

Crop top

Gold fabric trim and Coin fabric edging trim

Micro LED string light (battery operated)

Gold sheer fabric

Felt to make a fez/harem hat

An old belt

Glue Gun

Construction Time


Fashioned the felt into a fez shape and trimmed with beads and gold fabric trim. Sewed the sheer gold fabric to either side for the veil to fall to my neck.


Took a crop top and embellished with coins and beads.


Used the belt and glued the batting to it. Affixed the batting with hot glue and a few zip ties for extra measure, worked very well. So when you put the belt on the batting hangs down like a skirt. Next cut and shape the batting so that it looked like billowing smoke around the mid-section and cut the rest so it’s shaped like a swirl from bottom up. Once that was done I tore and pulled the batting so it ripped off but not all the way – looking like smoke. On the back side I pinned the light string and clipped the battery pack to the belt.


You could buy one -I couldn’t find one. So I used styrofoam and glued and craved it. Made the handle from cardboard and glued it to the lamp body. Used plastic bottle caps as embellishments- glued to lamp body. Covered it in masking tape and spray-painted it gold. Glued a cap to the lamp spout and cut an X into the cap … this was how the smoke/batting was going to attach to the lamp. I fashioned a strap with Velcro to the lamp. The lamp was going to be strapped to my ankle. I added some foam sponge material on side against my ankle insuring a snug fit and it wouldn’t fall off.

Once the belt was secured around my waist, the end of the “smoke” was inserted into the spout/cap. The “smoke” was also pinned to my black leggings so it stayed. Only needed 2 pinning locations.

In addition, I got a black long hair wig…as I have short hair and I have never seen a genie with short hair.







adult genie costume

adult genie costume


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