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Awesome Homemade Itsy Bitsy Spider Family Halloween Costumes

We have been dressing up as a family for the last 8 years and have so much fun every year coming up with family Halloween costumes that will fit our family size for its characters. Each year we go for a theme that is not over-done, something recognizable and doesn’t require much explanation, something original, and something that is fun and not scary or gory. We talk about it all year and then usually get busy at the beginning of October making them from scratch.

Choosing our Family Halloween Costumes

This year we decided on Itsy Bitsy Spider homemade costumes cause it is an old classic nursery rhyme. While reading the book to our kids, my husband thought it would be a great family Halloween costumes. We decided on this theme at the end of September and got to work buying materials and designing each costume and working on them each night after the kids went to bed. It took us a whole month to do!

The Water Spout Costume

My husband designed and constructed his ‘Water Spout” costume all by himself! I was pretty impressed actually! He used fleece, cardboard, wire hangers, vinyl lettering and fabric to make the spout. He even used my sewing machine to sew it himself! Then he glued the fabric onto the cardboard to get it to stick and have the form of a roof, with the spout at the bottom. We used the leftover raindrop fabric to use at the bottom of the spout to look like the water coming out.

The Spider Costume

For the Spider costume I used a pattern for the first time ever! My amateur sewing skills improve each year. This year I learned how to follow a pattern, do a zipper, snap tape, and booties among other things. The spider costume was a baby romper pattern using fleece that I added spider legs and eyes to, stuffed and sewn in. I was so proud of myself!

The Sun Costume

The “‘SUN’ that dries up all the rain” I designed and made from scratch using felt and interfacing and a sewn on a serger. My first time using a serger for our costumes! It looks simple but it was hard and I made many mistakes and alterations. In the end I love how it turned out besides the top sun rays didn’t want to stand up and shine despite the stiff interfacing I used and reinforcements. But It turned out pretty great I thought!

The Rain Cloud Costumes

The rain cloud design we got from pinterest. But I didn’t have a pattern. I made the clouds from felt, quilt batting and fleece. They also wore sweat pants which I ironed on rain drops which is the RAIN that “Washes the spider out”! The boys were such troopers with these costumes and didn’t complain once. They love dressing up as a family and look forward to it every year! Our boys are, Brady (7) and Catcher (4) and Canyon (6 months). They also keep our costume a secret and we don’t tell anyone till Halloween day! Its such a fun tradition.

Fabulous Reactions to our DIY Costumes

We wore our family Halloween costumes to a party and a fall carnival and got great reactions, everyone loved our idea! Our friends and family look forward to what we will dress up as each year. This year we went to Richland, Washington’s Fall Carnival and won a prize for Family costume!

Thank you for your consideration!:)

family halloween costumes

family halloween costumes

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