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Cool Violin Spider Fairy Costume

The origin of my Violin Spider Fairy costume comes from the history of the violin spider which is also known as a Brown Recluse spider. The Spider fairy is a generic fictional and fantasy character as well, so I decided to combine both characters into one and to play the violin in order to make a brand new character – The Violin Spider Fairy! I have been playing the violin since I was ten years old, so the inspiration for the violin to be a part of the costume came from that as well!

My mom loves the costume that I made since she could tell it is very creative! At least a couple of other people who saw me dressed up were surprised by my costume! This costume was fairly easy to make and I had a lot of fun making it!

Making the Violin Spider Fairy Costume

For the costume you will need:

  • Get a pair of black dance stretch pants.
  • A long sleeved black leotard.
  • Black tutu.
  • Black felt sticks.
  • Double sided tape.
  • Black face paint.
  • Makeup.

To make the tentacles for the spider costume, twist two black felt sticks together, and bend them a certain amount at one end to make tentacles. Use double sided tape to attach the tentacles to the skirt, or you can staple them to the skirt. Put four in the front and four in the back of the skirt.

For the makeup, use black face paint to paint a spider web on the forehead, two small thin spider webs, one on each side of the face and outline the eyes. For the lips use black, red, dark red, or purple lipstick. Paint two small sparkles on the cheeks.

Finally, you may pose with the violin in any way that you like! Thanks for taking the time to look at my costume entry, and have a happy Halloween!

Cool Violin Spider Fairy Costume

Cool Violin Spider Fairy Costume

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