This tooth fairy costume from Rise of the Guardians took a lot of time to create. We first started out by creating a base for the head piece. We measured her head and used wire to shape the cone-like figure to make it comfortable around her head, and lace to easily glue the feathers on to it.

Then we made her shirt to fit her nice and snug to give that thin, petite look. I started by gluing on the feathers from the feet up to her neck. It was easier to make it flow and blend. We also spray-painted some of her shoes the same color as the feathers. Finally we used thick wire to shape the wings and making a circular base to make it comfortable for her to be able to carry them. We wrapped the wire with saran wrap and used acrylic paints to draw out the lines.

I ordered the feathers from various places which worried us a little bit because some places took about 3-4 weeks to be delivered. In addition, I made 6 long feathers out of fabric. I cut out the shape and glued on wire to be able to mold them how we wanted and then we cut out the fringe like effect. They worked perfect because we could not find long enough feathers for her, it was also less expensive.

I also printed out 7 Baby Tooth images and glued wire on to them and attached them to the wings. Finally I made a tooth out of fabric so she could hold as a prop. The best part about making the costume was seeing everything come together so smoothly and fitting for her. I felt like she played the role perfectly. It was very time consuming, but love the turn out.

We got sooo many compliments and she even won 3 Halloween costumes, receiving $100 for Best Overall Costume, a gift card for Best of Show Costume and a Shopkins Game for best costume in her age category. People were amazed at the details and how well the tooth fairy costume was made, people kept on asking if we could make costumes for them and their kids. It was PRICELESS!!