Adorable Hall & Oates Costume

Our 4-year-old Elsa has always loved Hall & Oates, and when she asked to attend their concert this past summer, we were happy to oblige. She sang and danced the entire time and left an even bigger fan than before.

She couldn’t decide whether to be Hall OR Oates for Halloween, so it only made sense to become both and create a split Hall AND Oates costume. The costume was based on ‘The Very Best of Daryl Hall & John Oates’ 2001 album cover.

The gray leopard print and sky blue t-shirts were stitched together, along with white jeans and pink corduroys. We had to take some creative liberties with the pants since the album cover only shows them from the waist up, but I think we captured the spirit of H&O.

Fortunately, Elsa is a redhead, so her hair on the Hall side didn’t require much work. We completed the Oates side with a black wig, mustache, and eyebrow.

I asked if she wanted to listen to Hall & Oates while she got dressed in her costume, but she was afraid her dancing would mess up the wig.

Adorable Hall & Oates Costume