Here is one you rarely ever see for Star Wars costumes. It is the Bespin outfit worn by Leia in the cloud city. You can use a generic red pair of pants and red long sleeve shirt. The jacket is what really makes this homemade Leia Star Wars costume. I started with the collar.

To begin my costume, I looked at a dozen pictures online to created the collar. I used newspaper to  make up the collar first. This is a great tip if you do not have a pattern. Make it from newspaper and use tape or straight pin to put it together and see how it looks. But remember to leave at least 1/2″ space on all edges for the seams when it is sewn together. For mine, I had to cut it out several times before it looked right. It is a simple linen material on the collar. I made a top and bottom and sewed them together and then turned them right side out.

Then I used a white  eyelit material to hang down to the ground and attached it under the collar (plain white material will work). Use the person who will be wearing it to measure from the underside of the collar to about six inches from the floor so it will not drag so you know how long to make the hanging part of the costume. I also folded over any raw edges and sewed them down. Next, I used a pencil to draw the pictures on the back bottom part of the eyelet material and used  cross stitch thread in several colors to trace the drawings.

For the circles I used a lid to trace to be sure they were round. It took a while, but was not difficult. I you do not know how to cross stitch,  you can use YouTube to find simple cross stitch tutorials to find out how to trace with the cross stitch thread. The thread is super cheap at Walmart and you can find the needles there too. It is also where I purchased the material. Then, I made a  blaster from a water gun purchased at a local dollar store. It is painted with metallic copper paint, then outlined in some silver and black.

I started working on this costume in January and had it done by March, but I only did a little at a time. With more effort you can do it must faster.  Since I had some of the supplies to make this at home I spent about $8 total on making this costume. If you have to buy it all from scratch it is still a pretty cheap version. Our family will be attending a convention in April and have another person dressing as Han Solo so I think everyone will recognized the costume easily. The hairstyle is also a feature that makes the costume stand out. If you have long hair you simply look at pictures online and imitate the style. Otherwise a wig from a thrift store or costume shop will work. Add any black boots or red slippers and you are ready to be the Leia in Cloud City.