I am a senior in college this year and have my fair share of Halloween costumes! I went through the phase of wanting to buy the firefighter, the nurse, the Indian costumes., but I discovered around junior year how AMAZING my mom is at sewing and therefore, making costumes. So after last Halloween I already started brainstorming ideas and I found the perfect one. When I was little my favorite Barbie was always the one with long red hair, not what you would think right? Well, I just loved her and wish her hair was mine. Because Halloween is such a fun holiday where you get to be whatever or whoever you want, I told my mom that I wanted to be the Little Mermaid, Ariel.

The costume making began over the summer, only because I was just so excited. I gathered materials here and there and used the 40 % off coupon at Jo Anns for each material item I bought. The top started off with a nude strapless bra and purple tulle that was gathered around the bra. Now working with tulle can be a little bit of a pain but it is so cheap and it is the perfect material for this costume. After sewing the tulle to the bra, I purchased shells online for around 5$ and painted them purple. I hot glued those on the bra and bedazzled it with gems and pearls! That part was super easy and fun!

Next for the fin… this cost about, 3$ I’d say. All I did was get the dance wear fabric from Jo Anns (40% off coupon) and wrapped it around me and my mom sewed straight up. And it was finished! I did decide to buy a red wig, of course, I had to fulfill my dream for my last Halloween in college! It was 20$ from an online site and actually wore very well.

I won one costume contest already and am hoping to get another this Halloween! Oh and I forgot to mention.. my room mates were stuck for costumes so I helped them make my two side kicks.. Sebastian and Flounder!!