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Coolest Optimus Prime Costume 32

by Katiria
(Hollywood, FL, USA)

Homemade Optimus Prime Costume

Homemade Optimus Prime Costume

I created this Homemade Optimus Prime Costume out of boxes and duck tape! I had to measure my son to get his dimensions right then I made the wheels on his thighs by cutting out a 5 inch circle then gluing it to a strip of cardboard long enough to go around the whole circle and about 3 inches wide to make it look like a real fat tire. I then cut another 5 inch circle and glued it on the open side to close the wheel.

The shoulders have tiny portable lights I found at the Dollar store they look great in the dark. The flames I drew myself on a cardboard then cut it out and used it as a stencil for the rest of the costume. All the tubes you see are the cardboard tubes that come inside of aluminum foil when the roll is gone. The helmet is made of paper mache which is just newspaper and a mix of 2 cups flour and 2 cups water. The bottom belt part with the logo is made easily. I traced it from a picture online and behind it, I just covered the cardboard with some left over patio screen material, (it was really just a scrap peice). The rest is just spray paint. Underneath it all he is wearing silver long-sleeved shirt and pants to give the robot look.

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Coolest DIY Optimus Prime and Bumblebee Halloween Costume Ideas 61

by Taylor
(West Jordan, UT)

DIY Optimus Prime and Bumblebee Halloween Costume Ideas

DIY Optimus Prime and Bumblebee Halloween Costume Ideas

These DIY Optimus Prime and Bumblebee Halloween costume ideas were made creating a pattern out of paper and taping it together. Then once the measurements were worked out, the helmets and other pieces were cut out of styrofoam and attached with hot glue and duck tape. The body pieces are styrofoam wrapped in fabric.

The helmets and wheels on the the leg pieces are painted with acrylic paint. The whole process took a long time especially designing and redesigning the pieces so the kids could easily run around in them without breaking it.

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Coolest Optimus Prime Child Costume 30

by Kell G.
(Springville, Utah)

Homemade Optimus Prime Child Costume

Homemade Optimus Prime Child Costume

Homemade Optimus Prime Child Costume
Homemade Optimus Prime Child Costume

My 5 year old LOVES Transformers! When he asked me a few months ago to make him an Homemade Optimus Prime Child Costume, I started to collect boxes and took on the challenge! We decided to create a costume from the original Optimus Prime (the one from the cartoons when I was a kid!). I worked on it off and on throughout the day for about 2 weeks. The best part about this costume is that it was cheaper to make than it would have been to buy the generic costume from the store! Most of the parts required to make it were things I had around the house. The only thing I had to buy was the spray paint, 4 flashlights and a sheet of foam board! It took quite a bit of patience and lots of trial and error but it sure paid off! He couldn't be happier with it and is SO excited to trick or treat!

Lots of Boxes
1 Sheet of Foam Board
4 small flashlights (dollar store)
Childs hard hat (dollar store)
Glue gun/sticks
Spray Paint: red, blue, silver (glossy)
Old Snow boots
Foam pipe protectors (2)
Razor knife
Winter gloves
Yellow, blue, red, black craft paint
2 sheet protectors (for windshields)
4 wheels from an old toy car
2 small tin cans (emptied mushrooms)

Comments for Coolest Optimus Prime Child Costume 30

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by: Kell G

The costume was actually made for my 3 year old, not 5...typo!

so impressed!
by: Anonymous

this is the coolest!

by: Jessica

I seriously can't believe this was actually made at home! But on the other hand, so much cooler than anything you can buy at the store! Awesome!

Very Cool
by: Alyssa

I have seen adult costumes like this but not for a little boy! Great job!

by: Becky A

Definitely the best Transformers costume I've ever seen!

by: Angie N

That is seriously awesome!!!

by: Anonymous

That looks wicked good! Just like the cartoon!

This ROCKS!!
by: Aunty Consuela

Your costume is SO cool! Lucky kid to have a mom like you!! It totally ROCKS!!!!

by: Lauren

I am amazed! This is so awesome. It is way cooler than ones I've seen at the store. You are the BEST MOM ever!

you have my vote
by: Khristy

Wow, Kell that is fantastic.

by: Anonymous

Wow, this is the best optimus prime costume ive seen!!!!

by: Sherry

I love it! I looked at all the choices to vote on and you hit it way out of ballpark.

by: Rachel

This costume is amazing!!! There is so much time and talent put into this and I absolutley love it! Every little boys halloween costume dream!

by: Hine

You are an awesome mother Mickell...I'm waiting for the last minute sales. lol. My boys (6 & 7 yrs) would die for this costume! Your son will be the coolest trick/treater on the street (if not in the state)! :)

Definitely the winner:)
by: Anonymous

Great job!!! Can't believe you made at home. Looks awesome!

by: Shirley M.

Definitely the coolest costume I've seen in a long time!

by: tiffany

My son loves Transformers and would love to have that costume!!! It is awesome!!!

very creative!
by: Anonymous

This costume is sooo awesome. Great Job!

by: Erin

This is awesome. Obviously she worked hard on this one. What a fun Halloween they will have!

So cute!
by: Jana

That is the cutest costume ever! Nice work!!!

Optimus Prime Costume
by: James R


You and your wife did a fantastic job!!! takes me back to when I was a kid watchin the cartoons and playin with the toys, lol!! Awesome

by: trey

Woah! The coolest optimus prime costume i've seen!!

by: Anonymous

Love this to the max!!! Unreal!

by: Chase

That costume rocks! Nice job!

cool costume
by: Karen A

This is awesome! I love it.

by: Kaitlyn

This is definitely an awesome Optimus Prime Costume, and it being homemade makes it even better and more impressive!

Every mom should be this cool
by: Kira

I was looking at this costume thinking how rarely you see toddlers in creative costumes. Then I realized it´s because parents don´t normally take the time to make halloweens memorable for young children. But costumes this cool are never forgotten. Great job

by: Manda G



by: Sal

That's a very cool costume. Way to go Mom. I know you must have spent so much time on it.

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