Optimus Prime, completely made with from around the house items with the help of bondo, paint ,RC wheels and talented airbrush work and plenty of hot glue and cardboard . This costume took three months and a part a day mentality , if not this would have been too overwhelming !

First step was getting all the boards together for the rough shape and labeling all parts, once they were measured out and mocked up for fitment. Then we moved onto cutting and reverse relief cutting the cardboard and getting the shapes, hinges, vents, window panels and hot gluing into place once fastened together and ready for detail and molding including all bodywork and paint .

The hardest part of the costume was the head and lights for the eyes with all the internal blade design to also get the bluish- white glow . ALL the paint on this costume was HOUSE OF COLOR custom auto paint. The exact paint they used on hte actual Optimus Prime from the Transformers movie.

Funniest thing that happened after all was done and the second night out competing , I was out and misjudged a step and other contenders were all around me and so I tripped and fell wrecking one whole side of my costume and my brother in MY BENDER COSTUME in character screams out ” BOT DOWN! HE’S FALL AND CAN’T TRANSFORM UP, HOPE YOU HAVE INSURANCE “! lol that was funny and even though there was a lot of damage it reminded me it’s all supposed to be fun.

Well with that being said and not getting upset, I won! And it was vindicating to know my hard work paid off as well as inspired me to do more of these and since the I have been doing this every year but always seem to make things happen at the last moment and work better under pressure .