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Coolest Iron Man Costume 3

by Michael
(North Attleboro, MA, )

Iron Man Lights Up The Darkness

Iron Man Lights Up The Darkness

Since I was little I have loved Iron Man. When I heard that the movie was coming out I was extremely excited. I turned that excitement into creativity (in early May 2008) and began to work on an Iron Man costume for fall 2008.

At first it was really hard working with the cardboard, but after awhile I got the hang of it. I believe my costume was really successful. I got plenty of comments on it last weekend at a local Halloween party. I hope anyone who is a fan will enjoy my attempt. Thank you to anyone who clicked on the link to take a look at it. I appreciate it. Below are some facts on its assembly over the course of the year.

Materials used:
- Cardboard Boxes
- Gold and Red Spray Paint
- Black acrylic paint
- Comic Book sleeves (for the transparency of the eye sockets in the helmet)
- Duct tape, masking tape, packaging tape
- Spray Can Adhesive
- Velcro (to close the back of the costume)
- Battery powered LED lights for the eyes
- LED Tap lights for the hands
- Regular Tap light for the chest plate

- Compiled from various boxes of cardboard.

- Started May 2008
- Finished October 2008

- Composed of 14 different pieces
- helmet
- chest piece
- back piece
- (2) gold upper arms
- (2) forearms
- (2) gloves
- Torso/underwear
- (2) upper leg pieces
- (2) lower leg pieces

** I intend to make a War Machine costume in the future!

Thanks to all for checking it out!

Iron Man Costume

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Coolest Iron Man Halloween Costume 4

Iron Man Halloween Costume

Iron Man Halloween Costume

Made this Iron Man Halloween costume (by myself) out of 5/8" and 1/2 inch thick(polyethylene) foam yoga mats, hot glue and other items found at thrift stores. Used scissors and X-Acto knives to cut the mats. Took about a month and devoted at least a couple of hours a day working on it.

Made patterns out of cardboard. Very lightweight and easy to move around in. Paint was the biggest expense ($32). Total cost to make was about $100. Won best costume contest at work and everyone wanted me to see if any local establishments were having contests as well (never went, had to take my little girl trick or treating).

Easy to put on (about 5 minutes) and take off (about minutes too). I plan on seeing what else I can make from the mat foam as it's very easy to use. I am going to try to make the red and gold version out of this stuff too.

Comments for Coolest Iron Man Halloween Costume 4

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by: Anonymous

This is awesome!

by: Anonymous

That's so awesome

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Coolest Iron Man Costume 2

by Guillermo Ortiz
(houston tx)

Homemade Iron Man Costume

Homemade Iron Man Costume

Ever since I saw Iron Man the movie I loved it and always wanted to make my own costume, so I did.

I bought cardboard and metallic paint and some led lights. I really did put my time on everything to make it looked like the real thing. I used cardboard and super glue to glue them together and then, at the end, after the mask arms and everything was finished, I painted it with metallic paint and this is what I accomplished!

Iron Man Costume

Iron Man Costume

Comments for Coolest Iron Man Costume 2

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awww really nice
by: Peregrino Steven

awww this is so sweet - the best I've seen man.I hope this one wins if they have a contest... Really does deserve 1st place.

Very Cool
by: San Pedro CA 90731

This looks like it took a long time! Great job, and very detailed. Good luck in the contest, you deserve to win!

you look awesome in your ironman suit!
by: Nora

I swear I'm so jealous your girlfriend must be really lucky. The costume is realistic. You could pull off being the real Ironman. I love it!

Iron Man
by: Anonymous

Best costume...period.

by: Carmen

EEP! that looks soo amazing! =) Good Job

One Iron man to another
by: Iron Man

Bro, you and me had the same idea! Good job I like your version alot! good luck to you!

- fellow iron man

by: Anglelala

If you mind, I would like to give you Input And Critic.

Your Armor of Ironman Costums IS Good..
but perhaps will be greater
if You Paint it with Red Chrome Color
it will make effect real Iron shine.

and your helmet too big if i compared it with the armor.

thank that's all.


by: Anonymous

I guess its ok. Its awesome man, that is so cool.

can you seend my in structoins
by: Anonymous

can you please send me instructions to build my own.

by: Anonymous

what kind of paint did you use?

thats realy cool
by: gursagar

can you give me instructions my little cousin wants one

Very Impressive
by: Anonymous

I'm amazed you made this. Wow. You are very talented.

by: Anonymous

haha that is awesome. how long did it take to make it!!

Way better than store-bought ones!
by: Anonymous

They sell iron man outfits for $75 that aren't NEARLY that good. You should make them for people

Good Job
by: Big Ed

That look's exactly like it!!!

Please post templates!
by: Matt

Yeah, you could cost post the templates somewhere, that would be sweet! My son wants to be IM for Halloween this year and you're build would be ideal.

by: ben bowers

that is the sickest costume ever

by: Anonymous

Great costume. I admire your effort and zeal to put this suite together. It looks like you really put a lot of time and effort into it. Don't worry about those that criticize it. There's always going to be one.

by: Anonymous

dude i just saw your ironman costume and i thought that it was so cool that it even looked real. I cant believe that you made that out of cardboard and bits of metal then glued it all together that is awesome!

by: Anonymous

Your name is Guillermo Ortiz??? Mine too.


instructions for iron man pls
by: kim p

I am wanting to make this for my 4 yr old son for this years Halloween, can u help me with directions, any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks, Kim P.

by: tanga

iron boy>>>>tanga

by: Anonymous

hey man im making one this year but differently. only im making mine with triangle ark reactor and puttin metal on most of it. awesome job. good luck.

by: Anonymous

That's sickkkkk!! The armor looks so awesome! Not the greatest mask tho, but wow, that armor is really good.

by: Anonymous

Geat costume -your hard work really shows!

by: Anonymous

u sexxii;)

by: Deon Downs

can u show us how to make the armor please im 13 and really want to make one thanks.

Great Custom
by: Federico

Great job man i am looking to do one for my man cave i want to do a real size replica either im or master chief

Making An Iron Man
by: Samuel Peeroo

Yo! The name is Sam! You can find me on facebook i have an underground lab.....
Well.... its actually my dads old lab, (his new on is upstairs now, he syay he is working on some kind of light fragment project)...anyway
Im really into getting people to work with me to make an "Iron Man". I'm currently making blueprints and am willing to accept 5 people who can:
-program computers, user interfaces, and calibrate voice interfaces.
-Some one who can mold thing out of titanium and iron(a welder).
-Some one who can design amazing blue prints.
-And Who has studied circuit board designing and advanced engineering to make it fly and cool weapons.

just a tip
by: Anonymous

this is so sick! a quick suggestion though. i see that you are using normal card board. when i tried to make mine, i used that as a base and then hot glued the thinner, smoother cardboard on top. the kind of stuff that cereal boxes are made of. its really easy to get, and it looks much better when you paint it. really though, good job!

by: hamza

how did you make it out of cardboard? it is so cool!

Everyones a critic
by: Anonymous

THAT is too cool! This guy has some talent!!!

how did you
by: seane0226

how did you make the arc and can you send me
instructions my email is

by: Anonymous

man i wish i can make a real iron man suit

iron man
by: Anonymous

can you send me directions on how to make it thanks

by: Anonymous

anyway you can send me instructions im trying to make one to but i don't have money and cardboard is cheap any help would be great thanks!

by: G-Man

He's on The Match Game right now!
Oct. 21, 2012

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Coolest Iron Man Costume

by Matt
(Yamanto, QLD, Australia)

Homemade Iron Man Costume

Homemade Iron Man Costume

This Iron Man costume is my first real costume attempt. The body is made of swag foam. Kinda a pain, because paint doesn't stick to it too well, so next time I'll remember to buy it in the colour I need. Anyway, the helmet I made out of cardboard, and covered with car bog. I then sanded for days, and finally, I painted it. The chest piece has LED lights which are shown covered in red paint, I later replaced the glass cover with a new clear one.

Total Cost: $100

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