This has been the hardest but the most funnest costume I have ever made. I started it 4 months before Halloween, most of which was done at work (which I shall call jo’s car rental).

I had watched video after video of how to do this with so many different mediums. But money rendered me to do it as free99 as I could… soooooo bring in the cardboard from the shop down the street, a few rolls of duct tape and some spray paint.

I slowly worked on it starting with the chest piece, knowing that this was the center of attention. Only to realize 8 weeks later I dad 4 more weeks to do everything else. Might I add that having a dummy to be your model and not your buddy who is half your size will help. The forearms and biceps were a breeze. The cod was well awkward! Nothing like wearing an adult diaper made of hardened cardboard. The legs and boots were done frantically the night before Halloween, along with the painting and my wife’s costume.

When we showed up to our first party the kids went wild… along with the adults. Many of the kids thought I just might really be Iron man! I assured then I wasn’t, and in fact I was War-machine!