My boys wanted to be Zombies for Halloween, but they didn’t want a store bought costume that others were also wearing that same night.

I gathered all the supplies I needed, including toilet paper, paste, face paints, brushes, and black eye shadow. You clean the area of the face and remove facial hair, because sometimes it can hurt to remove the makeup if you don’t shave. I started from the corner of my sons mouth and did a good sized area up to then edge of his nose. you pull off small pieces of toilet paper to be ready to use. I used pieces about the size of quarters or fifty cent pieces. You put some Elmer’s glue into a small dish. Start with about a quarter cup. You paint a small area where you’re starting with glue, then stick the toilet paper piece on top of the glue. After you give that a few minutes to dry on a bit, you can paint another small spot of glue on over lapping them slightly.

Once I created the base area of interest, I did another layer on top of that one, and again once more. after it all dried and it was not tacky to the touch, I gently pealed up the one side about a quarter of an inch away from his mouth. I did the same on the other side of his mouth. I then used tan face paint to make the glue and toilet paper look like his skin. I used dark brown face paint to make the rest of his face look more shadowed. Around his mouth and on the inside of the pealed away fake skin I used red face paint to make it look like raw meat.

His lips were painted to look like the teeth of a skull, large enough to cover all his lips and slightly bigger. I used black eyeshadow to add a bit of depth between the teeth and around his eyes. I did the same thing to his brother, changing the position of the ripped skin to make it appear more realistic. I didn’t want them exactly the same. I messed up their hair. we used old clothing and added some extra holes, and added some red paint to the clothing for blood splatter.

It was my first time doing this type of make up work, but it was well worth all the time and hard work when I was finished! my boys were pleased with their unique costumes I created for them.. and they tested my work on their poor little brother. he was nothing short of terrified until I explained to him that they were his brother and they wouldn’t hurt him! The boys got some good scared accomplished that night, but ended up with a large amount of candy to share with me for all my hard work! SUCCESS!!! :)