This is my daughter Kylie. She wanted to be the Queen of the Nile.

This costume started out pretty simple to make. It took me about 7 hours to make it.

Towards the end my sewing machine stopped working properly. That’s the worst when you are making a costume that’s completely made by sewing!!

I made the crown by purchasing a plastic tiara and then molded the cobra and baked it. I glued the snake on it and primed and painted it. I also added beadwork to embellish it.

The dress was simple to make. The belt and the top collar piece took the most time. It was tedious.

I made the arm and wrist bands about of jewelry wire. Then just primed and painted them. Gold fabric and hold spray paint was key to this costume.

I bought the wig and cut it and added gold beads.

The sandals were primed and painted gold.

My daughter really felt like she was cleopatra. I’m so happy when I finish a costume and see the pure joy on my kids faces!

Happy Halloween! pure joy on my kids faces!

Happy Halloween!