I already have naturally reddish hair, so I decided to do a costume that would play that up a little bit. Obviously, the little mermaid has red hair so I just latched onto that idea.


1. I got onto ebay and bought a $3 green cotton maxi dress from some place in Europe. Took two weeks to get, but was perfect. This will be your tail.

2. You will need these other items:

  • two shells for top
  • light purple paint
  • a purple bra
  • red hairspray
  • sandals
  • a paint brush
  • sewing needle and thread
  • various makeup


  • starfish with bobby pin and hot glue

Putting it all together

The skirt will be worn high-waisted and the shells will be sewn to your bra.

  • Take your purple paint and paint the shells, I added some darker purple streaks to make it a little more realistic
  • I also cut out some bigger shell shapes out of poster board for a little more coverage
  • Duct tape your shells to the paper and then sew the paper onto your bra. Keep it as secure and even as possible!

Hair and makeup

Your creativity can flow with these, but I did the following:

  • curled my hair and a culrling wand and sprayed it red
  • purple eyeshadow on your eyelid with lime green eyeliner (i used NYX jumbo eye pencil in cucumber) on the bottom with mascara
  • red lips just like Ariel!

I took a starfish that I purchased and hot glued it to a bobby pin and secured that into my hair. Extra step but adds a nice touch!


I just wore white sandals with hot pink trim because they just.. looked the best. you can wear whatever! or even go barefoot!